Snow play movie
Germany 2006: Snowboarding on Feldberg with Cassio, Eleni, Hugh, Mike and Mike, Ravi, Sabrina, Scott and Sheetal

Lui play movie
Germany 2006: Starring Lui in Summer 2006

Average Girl play movie
Sri Lanka 2006: My place in Sri Lanka

Laura play movie
Sri Lanka 2006: Birthday movie for Laura, showing my roomates going nuts

Bollywood play movie
Germany 2005: Mark and I in a incredible project. The Movie is inspired by a Yash Chopra production and copied with a very fine sense for plagiarism.

Hollow play movie
Germany 2006

Sab rocks play movie
Germany 2007: For Sabrina

Feature: GSP 2004play movie
Germany 2004-2006, South Africa 2004, India 2005: Super Suuuuprina Production on the Global Studies Programme.



Average Girl




Sab rocks

GSP 2004

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